Ed Besch’s Historical Report on The Battle at Fort Pocahontas
Ed Besch rediscoved the history behind Fort Pocahontas. This report was so powerful that Harrison Tyler bought the land that Fort Pocahontas sits on and restored it. This is the military historical document that started it all.

The A Arter letters
Letters written by a soldiers who stayed at Fort Pocahontas and raided President Tyler’s home Sherwood Forest.

New A Arter letter
This letter seems to be written by the same soldier staying at Fort P. Discusses a massacre at Fort Watkins. Also confirms that the USCT soldiers were accepted by the regulars troops after they proved their meddle.

Map of Petersburg showing Fort Watkins
Link to 1895 Civil War Map in the David Rumsey Map Collection that shows Fort Watkins in Petersburg where the USCT from Fort Pocahontas killed every rebel soldier in retailation for the Fort Pillow massacre..

IP Farmer letter
This letter from I.P. Farmer, a soldier from the 143rd sent to the “The Buckeye State” newspaper on July 7, 1864 in New Lisbon, Ohio, recently given to me by Timothy Brooks who was the guest speaker at the last reenactment. This letter gives independent confirmation to the reciprocal action to the “Fort Pillow Massacre.” It also mentions the raid on President Tyler’s house.

Wellsville Union Letters
This letters were written by soldiers from the 143rd, Ohio, and were mailed to the “Wellsville Union” newspaper and published in 1864. They recently given to me by Timothy Brooks who was the guest speaker at the last reenactment. These letters gives independent confirmation to the raid on Sherwood Forest mention in the A. Arter letters.

Marrian Patterson Journal
Pages from Kevin West’s 2nd great grandfather’s Civil War journal.  In the journal he mentions a few days there at Wilson’s Landing, which is Fort Pocahontas.  His name is Marion Patterson.  He was a 1st Lieut. with the 22nd Reg’t USCT at that time, eventually becoming a Captain with the 19th Reg’t USCT by the end of the war.

Pictures of soldiers from the 143rd, Ohio,
Unidentified Sgt COD 143rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry
Lt John LaCock COA 143rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry
Cap William S. Brunt COI 143rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry
1864 May- Lt john N. Taylor COI 143rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry
These recently given to me by Timothy Brooks who was the guest speaker at the last reenactment.

Major General Godfrey Weitzel
The engineer who originally designed Fort Pocahontas in 1864.

“Valor at Wilson’s Wharf”
Article written by Leonne Hudson and published in Civil War Times Illustrated. in March, 1988.

Dig Unearths Details Of Historic Civil War Battle
This story was recently published in the William & Mary News.

Field Fortifications
Excerpts from Field Fortifications by P E MacDuffie

General Edward Wild’s Report on May 25, 1864

Major-general Benj. F. Butler Report on May 25, 1864

Second Lieutenant Julius M. Swain’s Report on May 25, 1864

“NO DANGER OF SURRENDER” An Historical Archaeological Perspective of the Civil War Battle of Wilson¹s Wharf, Charles City County, Virginia by Jameson M. Harwood


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