Marion Patter War Journal
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I got your contact information on the Fort Pocahontas website. I was wondering if you would like a few pages from my 2nd great grandfather’s Civil War journal for your archives? In the journal he mentions a few days there at Wilson’s Landing, which I believe is also Fort Pocahontas. His name is Marion Patterson. He was a 1st Lieut. with the 22nd Reg’t USCT at that time, eventually becoming a Captain with the 19th Reg’t USCT by the end of the war.

I’ll attach smaller versions of the pages, just let me know if they are of interest and I will send larger scans.

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1864 Marion Patterson Civil War Journal

Wilson’s Landing, Va

May 7th, 1864

Immediately after landing here on the 5th Gen Wild went with me and had a guard posted back of the buildings to keep all persons from leaving, and our regiment with the 1st were soon busy at work making a strong field work around the whole place. If the work is kept up for a few days we shall be able to defend the place against a greatly superior force.

Not a few troops passed up the river day before yesterday, (the day we arrived) and I think that forty thousand or more passed up yesterday. James River is decidedly a matter of some importance just now, and it is evident we are here to protect it. I was officer of the guard last night and found a plenty to keep me busy. I had a better tent built to day, and shall be quite comfortable tonight.


Wilson’s Landing, Va

May 12th, 1864

On the night of the 7th, while returning from a scout, Adjutant Dutton of our regt. was shot by our own pickets, doubtless through carelessness; and the next day the officers of the regiment accompanied his remains to the boat, and sent them under charge of Lt. Night to Philadelphia to his friends.

It was a very sad accident and admonishes us to be more mindful of military dicipline, now that we are so near the enemy.

On the 9th the General ordered a court of inquiry “to investigate the circumstances attending his death,” and we have just finished the examination. but as I have the proceedings to write up it will be a day or two before we adjoun “Sine Die.”

We are enjoying the best weather here, and manage to keep up some excitement by sending out scouting parties nearly every day.

Fort Powhattan, Va

May 17th 1864

Our court of Inquiry adjourned yesterday at 11.A.M. i was soon sent for by the Col. and asked to go on a scout with Co. E. We left at 12.M.- two companies and six officers- took a northern course through the country, stopping occasionly, till we arrived at the Chickahomany.

We found most of the houses occupied by women, and really had a quite a visit with some of the young ladies. After accomplishing our business we returned by a different road, arriving in camp at 10 O’Clock P.M. last eve. I found my-self quite tired and even lame of this morning, after yesterdays unusual exercise, but found it necessary to “pack up” and leave our little house which we had stopped in but two nights. We left the landing at about 12 and steaming up the river eight miles, have encamped near Fort Powhattan, and commenced digging riflepitts.

Fort Powhattan, Va

May 23rd 1864

I have been on the sick list since I arrived here, but expected to go on duty this afternoon. We have been enjoying the best of weather for two or three days, and our earth-works begin to assume quite a formidable appearances.

On Saturday, (the 21st) a party of rebel cavalry attacked our pickets and captured two of them. They were posted about a mile from our camp, near the wood and in full view: as might be supposed a few shells from out batteries sent them away as quick as they came. This was about 12.M. last night a false alarm from the pickets at 1.A.M. called us to the riflepitts in a “right smart” hurry, but we were all back to our quarters again in half an hour as sleepy as ever. Heavy guns were being fired nearly all day yesterday, up the river; and I have heard several today.

Fort Powhattan, Va

May 25th 1864

Camp has been more lively than common to day. Yesterday we received information from City Point that we would probably be attacked to day and have been very busy preparing to receive the Rebs. But we are surprised at about 12.M. to learn that they had attacked the forces at Wilson’s Landing.

It being but 8 miles down the river we could distinctly hear the artillery and even see the shells bursting in the camp.

During the afternoon we learned that the rebel forces were commanded by Fitzhugh Lee, who demanded a surrender of the place; with the promise that if they complied, they would be treated as prisoners of war; if not he would not be would not be responsible for the result. General Wild replied that he would try him. After a fight of four hours the rebels were defeated. our forces consisted of the 1st& 10th U.S.C.T. & 4 sections of the 2nd U.S.C.T. Light Arty.

Volunteered may 14′ 61- Discharged Sept 6′ 61(4?)

Enlisted in Co. B. 11th N.Y. H. Arty may 11th 1863 and became 1st Segt. of company. regiment consolidated with 4th N.Y. H Arty about Oct 14th 63 and ‘B” Co. became K.Co.

I went before the Genl (sp?) Caseys Board at Washington Dec, 2nd 1863 and received appointment as 1st Sieat (sp?) 22d U.S.C.T. Dec. 1863 and ordered to report to Camp Wm Penn. Regiment went to Yorktown about Jan (Strikethru “About Jan”) Early in January 64- where I served on Genl Court Martial.

Reg (strikethru “Reg”)On the 4 of May Regiment started up james River and helped to fortify Wilson’s landing, Fort Powhattan and Burmuda Front. On the eve of June 14th regiment crossed Appomattox at Point of Rocks and on the morning of the 15th took confederate battery. In the afternoon we took line of confederate forts in front of Petersburg. Was in the front line continuously till the seige of Petersburg was over. Was in charge on Deep Bottom and Fort Harrison on Oct 27th East of Richmond (strikethru “East of Richmond) Grants Reconaisance to the right-East of Richmond- where we were badly defeated and I brought back the colors of the regiment. Was promoted Capt. 10th U.S.C.T. Dec 13th 1864 was Judge Advocate of Genl Court Martial which commenced near Fort Harrison Va Dec 23rd 1864 (and Adjourned March 10th 1865)

Regiment went into Richmond on the Northern Fronteer from July 1st 65 till January 67- where we went to Baltimore to board (strikethu “went to Baltimore to board”) were mustered out Feb 14th 67 at Baltimore Md.

Brearted (sp?) major and Leut Col. by the Pesident to rankfor ouph (sp/) from eto (sp?) of march 1865 for gallant conduct before Richmond va. and merritorious (strikethru “merritorious”) official service during the war” to date report(sp?) as see of from the 13th day of march 1865 (strikethru ” to date report(sp?) as see of from the 13th day of march 1865″)